Apex Drug House is led by a capable team that possesses extensive experience of running successful enterprises.

Gunvantrai BhayaniMr. Gunvantrai Bhayani

Mr. Gunvantrai Bhayani founded the company in 1975 with trading and import of APIs. He has over 40 years of experience and holds in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical raw materials. He is well-known in the Indian bulk drugs community which further expanded and contributed to making India a global pharmaceutical industry.

He sowed the seeds and created an excellent platform for the company’s growth. Today, he manages the crucial role of selection of raw materials and handles overall finances of the company.

rajeshMr. Rajesh Bhayani

Mr. Rajesh Bhayani joined the company in 1994 and has been instrumental in defining the vision and transforming the company from trading to manufacturing and exports. He played a critical role throughout the process starting from inception to making it a truly global company catering to customers across continents.

He is responsible for marketing strategy; novel formulations, expansion and driving growth of Apex Drug House.

_MG_7567Mr. Apurva Bhayani

Mr. Apurva Bhayani joined Apex Drug House in 2001 and soon became an integral part of the development process. His contribution towards expansion by ‘addition of new and specialized product portfolio’ is invaluable. Developing stabilized formulations, process validations and production are his core competencies.

At present, Today he oversees productivity, quality, delivery and supply chain and helps to run successful operations.