Apex Drug House was established in 1975 as a trader and importer of API with a small unit of repacking of pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary use. Up till late ‘90s, Apex Drug House was a strong supplier of veterinary medicines to various government hospitals in India. The Company diversified in late ‘90s with a focus on production of quality medicines. Today, Apex Drug House has acquired a leading position in manufacturing and supplying high-quality Pharmaceutical formulations across the globe.

In the 40 years since its inception, the company excelled in manufacturing a complete range of products, viz. Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Ointments, Dry Powder Injections, Liquid Injections, Ophthalmic solutions and Suppositories for multiple therapeutic areas. Apex Drug House has also created a niche with its offerings of specialty products like Lozenges, Dermaceuticals, Aerosols, Mosquito Repellents, and Condoms.

The products are manufactured at cGMP certified facilities as per WHO guidelines, adhering to global production standards, with exports starting from 1994. Founded with core values of Commitment, Quality, and Service, Apex Drug House has earned a great reputation in the International market. A number of customers have been with the company from the first export shipment. Such goodwill and enduring relationships have contributed enormously to Apex’s expansion and growth. Apex Drug House is also a reliable supplier to a US-based NGO and a part of their country program around the world.

The company stays on the top with an impeccable combination of visionary leadership, excellent professionals, and state-of-the-art technology. “Quality medicines at affordable rates” is a motto that drives the team to excel and expand its reach to people across the world, regardless of geographic and socio-economic barriers. Vividly spread supply-chain capabilities across the world ensure the accessibility of the products anytime and every time. Apex’s endeavours include its contributions towards its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives intentioned to make the world a better place to live in.